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Gartner helps to deliver the technology-related insight necessary for their clients to make the right decisions. Gartner offers in-depth analyses and result driven advice to almost all aspects of IT.

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K2 according to Gartner

Below you’ll find an overview of the advantages of K2 according to Gartner:

  1. The architecture of K2 blackpearl significantly leverages Microsoft standard technologies, including Windows WF, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Excel Services and Visual Studio. For example, this version of blackpearl introduces a new, highly configurable, SharePoint portal-based management console. K2’s architectural approach is highly valuable from a skill leverage perspective for customers.
  2. The company’s product packaging strategy enables customers to supplement their Microsoft technology and skill investments with a low-cost workflow technology, incrementally advance their BPM maturity and exploit the full capabilities of K2 blackpearl.
  3. There is a very good integration with Excel Services for rule authoring, editing and applying mathematical functions to data.
  4. K2’s smartobjects abstract source data from the process, enabling reuse without duplication. Retrieved or referenced source data is transparently surfaced in the process context. This abstraction also enables less technical roles to contribute more to the total implementation.

Gartner acknowledges K2 as an innovator with K2’s vision on the future, its deep integration with the Microsoft product stack and the fast return-on-investment that K2 brings to Microsoft customers.

In addition, K2 focuses on improving the collaboration of a large group of users, and wants these users to become more independent. K2 also focuses on the strategy that organizations use to expand their BPM development, step by step.