We are proud to announce that our colleague Peter Blommendaal will be participating in the K2 Masters program. But what does the K2 Masters program provide exactly?

The prestigious K2 Masters program is designated for K2 technology professionals who have demonstrated superior skills, knowledge and experience on the K2 platform.

K2 Masters Program: key objectives

One of the key objectives of the K2 Masters program is identifying professionals who have demonstrated the highest levels of performance and can reliably deliver K2 software solutions.

Furthermore, the K2 Masters Program also supports the continued development of those professionals and support them with continued education, prime access to resources and opportunities to work directly with other K2 professionals.

K2 Masters Program: the process

  • Candidates will participate in the K2 Masters Program based on a formal written application that requires supplying all necessary credentials in addition to professional references that allow validation of experience.
  • Then, an interview takes place between the candidate and K2 senior technical professionals.
  • Review of candidate’s credentials and references.
  • Committee review of candidacy’s qualifications.
  • Final decision made by committee.
  • Renewal required every 24 months from initial grant.

Over the past few years, Peter has implemented a wide variety of business processes and business apps with the help of K2 blackpearl, K2 smartforms and SharePoint.