With great enthusiasm we announce that Indocs is starting a partnership with OutSystems. OutSystems is the fastest and most convenient way to develop mobile applications and web applications, and to manage and deploy these applications in demanding markets.

OutSystems en Indocs

The business applications developed using OutSystems can be used both in the cloud and on-premise. The OutSystems platform features many integrations and connections to existing data systems. Combined with the technical backgrounds of our consultants, this ensures that our applications are able to communicate with any conceivable data set.

“The OutSystems dashboards do not only look beautiful out-of-the-box, but they also provide better understandings of the process data at management level. There are many data brokers available so we’re able to connect new business apps to existing data environments in a very fast way.” – Jeroen Geijtenbeek, director Indocs

About OutSystems

OutSystems is market leader in Rapid Application Development. More than 600 companies in 25 countries and in 22 different industries use OutSystems to manage their application portfolios.