Utrecht, Nov 4, 2014 – Indocs is proud to announce that they have formed a new partnership with Qorus Software, an innovative provider of document and proposal automation solutions. With Qorus Software, Indocs is able to implement high-quality proposal automations solutions and automate the generation and customization of business documents.

Microsoft integration

The features of Qorus DocGeneration are built into Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to provide a seamless and familiar end user experience. Qorus Software can be used across multiple departments within an organization to generate specific documents such as sales proposals and contracts, company presentations or financial and analyst reports.

‘We are pleased to be partnering with a company like Indocs, who have distinguished themselves from other IT companies and deliver modern and reliable solutions and add-ons, such as Qorus DocGeneration, to meet their clients specific business needs,’ stated Ray Meiring, CEO of Qorus Software.


One of the added benefits of this partnership is the seamless integration between Qorus DocGeneration, SharePoint and K2 workflow – which allows Indocs to offer greater document automation solutions supporting document intensive business processes. Thanks to Qorus DocGeneration, Indocs clients will only need one product for all their organization’s high-end document automation needs.

Jeroen Geijtenbeek, director of Indocs: ‘Qorus Software is a perfect complement to our existing product portfolio and the processes we realize with K2 and SharePoint. We believe there is a direct application for our clients working with SharePoint. We look forward to a well established relationship with Qorus Software, to provide our clients with a broader range of business development tools.’

About Qorus Software

Qorus Software is a global provider of document and proposal automation solutions for Microsoft SharePoint and Office. It helps organizations to significantly reduce the costs, time and effort that is required to generate highly complex customized documents while improving quality, consistency of style and adherence to brand principles.

By re-using approved content and data stored in SharePoint, CRM and several other systems, Qorus Software helps to reduce human error and formatting issues. The provider also improves the accuracy of the content and creates great looking documents in a fraction of the time.

To find out more information, please visit the Qorus Software website https://www.qorusdocs.com.

About Indocs

Indocs has grown to one of the most prominent knowledge and implementation partners for optimizing business processes. Indocs helps digitalize documents and automate business processes, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency. Indocs implements business apps and business process management based on K2, SharePoint 2013 and Kofax Capture.

Thanks to innovative software solutions and vast expertise, Indocs is able to streamline incoming and outgoing information. This information is easily and quickly accessible from any location.