In 2013, Microsoft announced that it will no longer be investing in Infopath. The Infopath 2013 client and the Infopath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2013 will be the last releases of the product.

In a recent article, Microsoft also announced that it will end the support for Infopath. It will only be supported during the running time of Microsoft Sharepoint 2016. In other words, companies using Infopath have only a few years left to migrate to another system without facing significant problems.

K2 Smartforms

We strongly advice K2 Smartforms as a replacement of Microsoft Infopath. K2 Smartforms allows companies to design interactive web forms in a quick and comprehensive way. K2 Forms meet the demands of every modern business process app.

Infopath vs. K2 Smartforms

K2 as well as Infopath offer drag-and-drop design tools to design web forms. But both platforms use different methodes.

The cons of Infopath

  • To design forms using Microsoft Infopath, a local installation of the Infopath design tool is necessary.
  • Forms made with the Infopath design tool are being stored in a extensive Microsoft cabinet file, consisting of XML, XSLT and XSD files. A completed Infopath form is an XML file containing the entered information.
  • It is even necessary to install an extra add-on, Infopath Form Services, to facilitate the use of forms within Internet Explorer.

As you can read, Infopath forms are not universally applicable and customizable.


However, K2 uses the latest standards in the field of web development – like HTML5 – for the development and the front end of web forms. Web forms made with K2 can be designed and customized any available browser. It is no longer needed to install a design tool on your local workstation.

Moreover, K2 Forms consist of universal views, which makes it very easy to design new forms with the use of existing form functionalities.

Web environment

Another key difference is the data storage. Infopath stores its data to a local workstation or a network environment, without providing asset management. K2 forms are built within a web environment. That means that the universal views as well as the form applications are being stored in a central database.

With the use of extensive security settings, it is very easy to create roles and groups for managing and publishing the web forms.

Why K2 instead of other solutions?

  1. K2 Smartforms consist of universal views which are reusable in any other form. This allows you to create new forms in a very fast and convenient way. It also allows you to publish changes to multiple existing forms within the click of a button.
  2. K2 offers extensive possibilities to integrate line-of-business systems like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, and so on.
  3. K2 features a user friendly interface where forms can be designed using web based drag-and-drop design tools, even within a familiar Sharepoint environment.


Indocs is certified K2 Partner and has performed the migration from Infopath to K2 within multiple organizations. One example is Dutch development bank FMO where the 30+ existing Infopath processes are optimized to 10 efficient K2 processes.